Watermelon Salad!

Cool and refreshing, the juice, texture, and aroma of watermelon takes everyone to a special place. Some people eat slices all the way to the rind, while others stop at the white part. Some people like a big hunk of a piece, like one would get at the Taste of Chicago and others like a think slice or cubed. No matter, how you take your watermelon, this salad is easy and satisfying.

Watermelon Salad


1 seedless watermelon

1 jicama

1 handful of fresh mint leaves

Juice of one lime


1) Cube the watermelon

2) Peel the jicama and cut into inch long match sticks

3) Mince the mint leaves

4) Combine all three ingredients in a bowl and sprinkle with the lime juice

5) Stir to evenly distribute everything

6) Cover the bowl in cling wrap and refrigerate until served



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