Birthday Dessert for Mom

It is pleasure to cook for the people who support my hobby/habit of doing so, and even better when I get to use my skills to treat my family. On a visit home a couple of months ago, I took my Mom’s birthday as the opportunity to conceptualize and deliver a meal everyone enjoyed. And, for me, it was a great day shopping for ingredients at a few different stores with my Mom – basically just hanging out as if I lived down the block rather than over a couple of states. Hopefully, she knows that this hobby/habit is something she inspired and created in her kitchen when she demanded that I learn how to make at least one dinner per week for our family.

When I asked Mom what kind of food she wanted, she said “italian.” While I believe she does like italian food, I think she was trying to throw me a bone by picking something inexpensive. So, what did I do – herb rested steaks over parmesan risotto with Emily’s favorite squash and pancetta salad. To fill in the cracks, a bowl of salted caramel gelato with black berries and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

In case you want this dessert tonight – I can tell you that all of the ingredients are available at the grocery store and all are just about ready to go. You’ll need: salted caramel gelato, Ghirardelli dark chocolate melting discs, and berries of your choice.


Here’s how it goes together: scoop the gelato into a bowl, melt the discs according to their directions, add berries to gelato, spoon over melted chocolate as decoratively as you feel like doing.

Serve. Enjoy!


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