Fall Infusion

Pumpkin Vodka

Three years ago I found this amazing recipe for pumpkin-infused vodka that I had to try out. Picture this – you are visiting a house that you or your significant other once called home, inside jokes and the adolescence you tried to hide from everyone you now know is being paraded around by family members with twisted enthusiasm, and someone’s child is crying. Your are stuffed to the gills with turkey but need to fill in the cracks with something sweet and intoxicating.

BAM-O! Pumpkin pie with vodka, of course!

Here’s how you infuse the right flavors into your vodka:

2 cups of sugar pumpkin, cubed 1/4″ and roasted at 350 for 20 minutes
3 cups of vodka
3 chunks of crystallized ginger, sliced lengthwise
2 vanilla beans
1 cinnamon stick

After the pumpkin is cool, mix all together in glass container and seal with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Jostle the container a little every other day for just over a week.

Strain infused vodka back into original bottle and keep in refrigerator between uses.



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