Delicious is in the Details

An Old Fashioned cocktail is not a lot of things other than “just what the doctor ordered” and just plain great. But, you can make it truly memorable using a couple of tiny details to set it apart. For me, and those who drink these cocktails with me at my home, the delicious detail is tart, locally grown, homemade bourbon cherries.

Yep, these are just the garnish. But what an exciting finish!

My cherries came from Mrs. Morgan’s cherry tree and were hand picked by me and her rocket scientist husband. Based on the success I had with them this year, I will pick and brine a bucketful to give away as stocking stuffers and/or hoard at home for my own consumption.

For the cherries, I washed them, picked out the losers, and added to a ball jar. To that jar I added a brine of brown sugar and Bourbon. Once the brined cherries were cooled to room temperature, I capped them and putt hem in the refrigerator for two weeks before serving. And, I really believe these get better with age. It has now been three months and they are a true delight.

For the Old Fashioned you will need:
1 low ball glass
1 ice sphere
A splash of soda water
1 tablespoon of ginger syrup
1 tablespoon of cherry bourbon syrup
2 oz Bourbon
1 piece of shaved orange zest

Mix soda, bourbon, syrups, and essential oils of orange peel. Pour over ice sphere and garnish with orange zest and three bourbon cherries.

Enjoy immensely!


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