Fall Favorites Teaser

Emily and I just spent time in northwest Michigan, reclaiming the lost falls of the last few years. The colors were amazing, our B&B – simply cozy, and our adventures unforgettable.

On our way home we picked up huge pumpkins to carve and toured Virtue Ciders and Three Floyd’s Brewery. And, to boot, we took one of the last trips to the Green City Market. All of which inspired me to get back to giving you what you want – more time in the kitchen, behind a camera lens, and at the keyboard, sharing it all.

And, since I have already taken some of the pictures, I can honestly say I will be delivering some great content to you this week.

Here’s what I think you need to know – the crisp air of fall that is filling my lungs these days makes me hanker for a house filled with the rich aromas of soup, the unctuous flavors of earthy pasta sauces, and the frost bitten finger tips that accompany grilling on my balcony.

To satisfy everyone’s souls, now is also the season of pumpkin beers, casked brews you can’t see through, and brown liquor cocktails. For fun I have also prepared a few traditional warm drinks from my childhood. As you may expect, where my folks responsibly forewent the addition of “spirited” ingredients – I did not.

Stay tuned, I’m back and fall goodness is on its way!


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