Cooking Light

Over the last couple of weeks Emily and I have been trying out recipes from our new Cooking Light subscription. We got this subscription as a “deal” when we purchased a gift subscription for my Mom. It’s not that I don’t like cooking magazines, I am a huge fan of Cooks Illustrated Magazine and almost every one of my friends has benefitted from that obsession. It is more that I hate the idea of diet magazines claiming good food because that is often not the case at all. Those recipes are usually good . . . given the circumstances under which they have to be prepared – no calories, no bread, no dairy, no red meat – whatever. So I was pleasantly surprised when I read the editor’s letter expressing similar thoughts. This revelation enticed my curiosity and I headed into the magazine to look around.

Thank goodness the editor showed his cards because I found great food inside the volume and I am thrilled to share the highlights with you.

The first is BLT salad. This is a panzanella salad and tastes exactly like a BLT made into a salad (no kidding, right!?!). The recipe includes a couple of clever techniques that really make this tasty. The first is the lemon, mayo, and chives aioli. When drizzled over the heirlooms and bacon bits and coupled with the toasted bread, everything comes together like magic.


The second trick is the Cooking Light secret – pump up the herbs. In this salad the 1/3 cup of sliced fresh basil and cup of arugula brightens and accentuates the entire dish.

I love every BLT I have ever had and I love this salad as much. The recipe is on page 108 of the August 2013 issue. Buy the magazine and try it out.

The second stand out recipe from the trials was the simply grilled salmon with a fresh pickle of lemon juice, dill, cucumber, and toasted almonds.


Now, truth be told I messed up and made this with cucumber rather than zucchini. But, Emily and Margaret (my sister who was over for dinner that night) agreed that the cucumbers were awesome.

I recommend both of these recipes. Enjoy!


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