Happy Birthday Steve!

Today is my longtime friend’s 34th birthday. Last night Emily and I met up with the birthday boy, Steve, and his lovely wife Kelly to celebrate. Of course, we did that by scoping out some cool places in their hood for drinks and food. We hit a home run choosing Found Kitchen and Social House for dinner. This place was as lovely and eclectic as depicted on the web site – we had a great time.

Found has a couple of really cool things going on. The first is the space. The patio dining opens completely into the restaurant. And, while that made it a little hot last night, the sights and sounds of the evening street bustle plus the hum of the restaurant made for a very cool setting. I felt pretty cool being there and the memory seems kinda like a movie scene. Second, our server Barkley, was very well informed about the food, drinks, and -clearly- the philosophy of the chef and owner. In addition, Barkley was completely gracious . . . a star quality for service in my book.

Beyond the set up, we enjoyed inspired and delicious cocktails. We also shared some pretty great food. I can confirm our server’s contention that you cannot go wrong. Here’s what we had:

Cocktails – chartreuse and herb smash (spectacular), rhubarb sour, dark and stormy, little drink on the prairie, and a glass of wine.

Food – seasonal cauliflower salad, wings, chef’s board, polenta, chicken liver mouse with bacon marmalade. We closed it out with a sundae made with chocolate ice cream, malted vanilla gelato, hot fudge, a whipped cream, and fresh raspberries. Everyone had their favorites. We’d definitely go again and try a few of the items that we were too full to enjoy this time.

It would be helpful to mention that we rolled in there at 7:30 on a Saturday and were given a wait time of 45 to an hour but were seated in less than 15 minutes. That said we easily scored bar seats and started into the cocktails – so no harm either way.

As I like to say it – We were thirsty for more! So, we hopped over to Ward 8. And, honestly, this really became the main event. We were four stressed out thirsty adults and this place delivered. Elegant, sophisticated, perfectly crafted, beautiful, balanced drinks of pure wonderfulness.

If I wasn’t driving and feeling a little under the weather I would have had many more cocktails. That said the group enjoyed the following: Moscow mule, Bee’s Nees, artists special, Brooklyn, a couple off a past menu, and a couple of beers.

My advice – Go! Both of these places were great and fairly reasonable given the quality and craftsmanship.

Happy Birthday Steve!


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