Freedom River – Fourth of July Drink

You likely noticed the mini vacay I took from blogging over the past week. Well, I got out of the city for a trip to my parents’ house. While there I did do a bit of cooking and shook up a few beautiful cocktails for all to enjoy. The “Freedom River” as my sibs and spouse started calling it is an upgraded version of a cocktail that my mixologist friend, Angie Jackson, made when she mixed for a party we had years ago to “warm” our condo. When Angie did it she called it a French Riviera.

This drink is refreshing and if you have to do it, can be served deliciously without booze. Here are the components:

1 oz. Lemon juice

0.5 oz. ginger syrup

2 oz. vodka

2 oz. club soda

1 glass full of ice

1 dozen berries (blueberries and raspberries)

sprig of mint

Prep the glass by alternating layers of a couple blueberries and raspberries and ice, until full. Add the soda. Next, combine everything but the mint and shake vigorously for 15 seconds – until your fingers hurt from the cold, then three more shakes. Pour gently over the ice, berries, and club soda. Finally, fold the mint leaf or sprig to release some of its wonderful essential oils, garnish the drink, serve, and enjoy. The intention of the mint is to provide an aromatic experience that adds a beautiful complexity and compliment to the drink  – SO DON’T SKIP IT!

Couple of things to remember, squeeze the lemons yourself to get the best juice. Also, ginger simple syrup is easy to make and works for tons of drinks – I will provide more as time goes on. To make this syrup bring equal parts of granulated sugar and water to boil and reduce by half. As you whisk/stir the sugar into the water and once the combination looks clear again add matchsticks of ginger. The ginger should be removed as you pour the hot syrup into a cooling container.

Red, white, and blue. Patriotic booze, perfect for a hot day on the deck.ImageImage


One thought on “Freedom River – Fourth of July Drink

  1. Sounds really refreshing! We always have ginger syrup in our fridge for cocktails – and don’t forget that the leftover candied ginger can be chopped and stashed in the freezer to find its way into oatmeal, quickbreads and cookies.

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