Grilled Corn and Kabobs

Grilled Corn and Kabobs

Sweet corn in husk (silk removed), store-bought and personally marinaded chicken kabobs (not pictured, growler of local hibiscus ale)

Last night and tonight we are enjoying a visit with Emily’s oldest friend. And, since I planned a great dinner for tonight (tomorrow’s post), I decided to go nice and easy last night.

Of course, easy does not mean bad. So my shortcut was to buy inexpensive products that I know the local grocer prepares well. I chose some great chicken kabobs from the butcher counter and some fresh corn on the cob.

Here is what I did to get things ready: The kabobs are seasoned liberally with salt and pepper on all sides before being placed into a ziplock storage bag with soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, and olive oil. Squeeze out as much air as possible, seal the bag and massage the marinade into the kabobs. Refrigerate. For the corn, I peel back the husks, remove the silks, and pull the husks back into their original position. Next, I soak the corn in water for five minutes. While that is going, I go light the grill. When the corn is done soaking, I take it to the grill and make a second trip with the chicken. Everything is ready in about twenty minutes.

Hibiscus ale is in season at my favorite neighborhood brewery and pairs nicely by adding a light floral taste to meal.


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