Taking the Leap – Charity Donation

All year I had contemplated making a donation to my own agency’s silent auction that would be me as a personal chef, preparing a four to five course dinner for six people. I decided to go for it.

Two weeks ago the auction occurred and the dinner sold for $600. I was elated! More importantly, the winner was one of the four or five people I had hoped would win. Jacked up on pride and fulfillment, I went and thanked the donor – only to find that the second-highest bidder was there ready match the winning bid, for a separate dinner for her own. I think it took me half a second to agree.

The day after and just about every day since, I have felt this twinge of panic. I owe two generous people $600 dinners. In their homes. For their friends. Holy shit.

Well then, how to stem the panic and enhance the confidence that led to the original offer – write a blog to capture the joy of cooking that I experience almost every day when I cook for myself and my family. Snap food pics and put them someplace they should go, rather than into the abyss of my phone’s camera roll or even more fun for everyone – shared with the world on Facebook.

In addition to the benefits of journaling, I want to ask anyone who reads this to give me your reactions to the food I share with you. And, please keep in mind, I plan to share all of the culinary experiences I have – good restaurants I try, dinners and snacks I make, articles I read, even grocery lists and a list of the stuff I buy at the famer’s market (because those never end up the same).

All this means, if I do this right, you will get to know a lot about me and inevitably that means you will see info on cocktails and random other fun stuff as well, be introduced to members and characteristics of my family and friends, learn a little about the fundraising I do and efforts I admire.

My philosophy is that every day I take a look at my cutting board and it is up to me to treat what I find with enough respect to make it tasty. Sometimes we have to order out for pizza and other times things are barely palatable but always, I have choices about what is going to be served. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing whatever hits my cutting board.


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